About Me

Hello! I'm a student majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University in the wonderful city of New York. I'm also pre-med and hope to become a pediatrician. As an engineering pre-med student, I spend most of my time on the third floor of Mudd, our engineering building, where there are no windows, and, worst of all, no cell phone service. I'm completely isolated from the world! No, just kidding. I do leave Mudd... Sometimes...

This is a blog that will be about my life as a college student. It'll mainly consist of reviews of products I'm currently interested in (or addicted to!) and how the products contribute to my daily life.


I admit that I mainly started this blog because I wanted to write about pens. Or, more specifically, gel pens from Japan. My handwriting is tiny so I love how the smaller tip sizes made my handwriting look so neat and readable. The huge variety of colors (think Pilot Hi-Tec-C's!) is so fun and actually make me want to take notes in class instead of napping! I think that's a miracle since as a college student, I don't get a lot of sleep and my prime location for napping is the classroom.